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For many years NACA has been holding massive events for thousands of people over four and more days in cities across the country. These are extraordinary events where homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage have been able to save their home and now homebuyers can access the best mortgage in America.

These events provide a coming together of people who have similar circumstances including being subjected to similar predatory practices. Those who come see that they are not alone and there are many people who share their experiences. As a very large organization and through these events, NACA is able to achieve truly remarkable homeownership solutions for large numbers of people.

Currently, NACA tours the country to provide a one-stop homeownership for homebuyers. Participants receive housing counseling and pre-qualification for the NACA Mortgage. These nationwide Achieve the Dream events focus on homebuyers and take place over four to five days.

NACA tours the country to provide a one-stop-homeownership for homebuyers who receive housing counseling and access the NACA Mortgage. These nationwide Achieve the Dream events focus on homebuyers and take place over four to five days.

In 2018 NACA hosted 14 events, with plans for even more in 2019 and beyond.  Every event draws thousands of homebuyers, and in major cities like Atlanta, Miami and others attendance has crossed over 10,000 people.

The purpose of these events is to open up the floodgates to minority and other people locked out of affordable homeownership. Through them NACA is able to combine the major four steps in the NACA qualification process into a single day. These steps are:

  1. Homebuyer Workshop
  2. Uploading documents into the NACA system (NACA-Lynx)
  3. Meet with a NACA Counselor
  4. Meet with a NACA Underwriter.

Many homebuyers are able to become NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved for the NACA Mortgage) during the event and begin their housing search the moment they leave.

Participants are encouraged to make their best efforts to bring as many of the below documents as they can, but it is more important to come even if the homebuyer does not have them all. Attendance is only an investment of one’s time and it will be the best use of time for aspiring homeowners. Make the best effort to bring as many of the following documents:

1. Photo ID
2. Paystubs – most recent 30 days
3. W-2s – most recent two years
4. Tax Returns – most recent two years
5. Bank Statements – last three months all accounts
6. Self-employed – last 12 months bank statements all accounts

Those who are already NACA Members can upload these documents through their Web-File. However members should still carry the documents with them when they attend.

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