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Yes. Members can work with any real estate agent they choose, except for those agents who have been banned from utilizing the NACA program. NACA does not allow agents to participate who charge Members fees, who do not properly represent the Members, or who do not adhere to NACA’s policies.

No. Members should never make a payment to a real estate agent when purchasing through NACA. Real estate agents are paid through the transaction by the seller.

Some real estate agents charge additional fees. NACA is committed to providing a no fee program and does not allow these additional charges.

Real estate agents who charge fees will be banned from accessing the NACA Purchase Program and Members they represent may not be able to be approved for the NACA Mortgage. The only exception is when the seller refuses to pay and this requires prior written approval from NACA’s Real Estate Director.

Members who decide to work with a NACA in-house agent or “IHA” must sign a NACA Buyer’s Broker Representation Agreement (“N-BRA”).  This describes the responsibilities of both the Member and their IHA and protects both parties. The IHA cannot begin working for NACA Members without a signed N-BRA.

Any Member who is not satisfied with the work of their IHA can terminate the agreement at any time and work with either another IHA or real estate agent of their choice.

Members are strongly encouraged to utilize NACA’s In-House Agents (“IHAs”) where available. NACA’s IHAs are experts on the NACA program. IHAs are a crucial advocate for Members throughout the purchase process and know how to best utilize the extraordinary benefits provided by NACA to Members. This includes fully utilizing the interest rate buy-down, working with grant programs and other aspects of the NACA Mortgage. The IHA also works closely with Member’s NACA Counselor and Closing Coordinator to facilitate their NACA Qualification and the processing of the mortgage. NACA IHAs represent the Member’s best interests and show them all the properties they need to make an informed decision to achieve their dream of affordable homeownership.

The NACA Real Estate Department (RED) consists of NACA In-House Agents, Referral Agents, and Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Coordinators. NACA’s In-House Agents (“IHAs”) work exclusively for NACA and will represent the Member’s interest in finding an affordable home that qualifies for the NACA Mortgage. They are experts on the NACA program and process. Referral Agents are like IHAs but do not work exclusively with NACA and are available if an IHA is unavailable.

To work with a NACA realtor, Members should contact the local NACA office, send an email to NACA’s Real Estate Department at [email protected] or call Member Services at 425-602-6222.

Realtors who are interested to learn more about NACA can attend either an in-person meeting at a local office or a webinar. NACA’s Realtor meeting occurs every first Tuesday of the month in the local office from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. The Real Estate Department hosts a webinar every Tuesday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST. Please send an email to [email protected] with subject heading: REALTOR INVITE TO WEBINAR and request an invitation to the realtor webinar.

NACA holds realtor’s meetings in all the local NACA offices on the first Tuesday of each month from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.  Real Estate Agents should come to meet NACA staff and learn more about NACA. Also realtors can attend the webinar “Expand Your Business with the NACA Program” every Tuesday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST.

NACA works with outside agents as Referral Agents. NACA has so many Members in the home buying process that there is a need for Referral Agents to work with Members. Referral Agents have access to NACA’s Counselors and mortgage staff. In addition, the Referral Agent has access to NACA’s online Realtor Portal to manage the processing and status of their Members. To be a Referral Agent send an email to [email protected] and put in the subject “REFERRAL AGENT APPROVAL”.

Being a NACA In-House Agent or IHA is one of the best jobs in the real estate community.  IHAs have direct access to buyers who are committed and ready to purchase a home with counseling and mortgage staff supporting them.

There are many thousands of homebuyers in the NACA process in each NACA office. The IHA is paid a flat fee for each transaction to incentivize working with all Members regardless of their income or where they want to purchase.  The flat fee depends to the average housing cost in the purchase area.  IHAs should close more than five transactions a month, with the IHA making six figure income.  NACA pays for all licensing and required education.  To be an IHA in a NACA office go to the jobs section on NACA’s website and apply today.

To encourage realtors to refer clients to NACA, NACA has created a process for realtors to refer their clients to NACA and continue to represent them. To submit the client, he/she must not already be a Member, have a signed Buyer’s Broker Agreement, and then submit the client through NACA’s real estate portal prior to attending a NACA Homebuyer Workshop.

Upon becoming NACA Qualified and completion of the Purchase Workshop, the client will be referred back to the realtor who submitted the referral. The client will now be ready for the housing search knowing what they can afford and the next steps in the home buying process. NACA does not charge a fee and does not reduce the commission for realtors who submit client referrals as stated above.

The Property Specific Letter (“PSL”) is provided to the listing agent or seller when a Member makes an offer on a property.  The PSL states that the Member is NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved) for that property.  The NACA Counselor can generate the PSL, though NACA is working to allow Members to generate the PSL through their Web-file.

Members who are NACA Qualified and attend the Purchase Workshop will receive their Qualification Letter and Qualification Form.  These are important documents that make the Member a desirable buyer for a real estate to work with and a seller to sell to.  Virtually everyone who is NACA Qualified is approved by the lender.

The Qualification Letter is a general letter that the Member can provide to a seller, agent or other third party. It states that the Member is NACA Qualified with full documentation and that virtually all NACA Qualified buyers are approved by the lender.

The Qualification Form contains the Member’s financial information, the qualified mortgage payment and the corresponding maximum purchase price.  This information is for Member records only. Members should not show this form to their agent or other third party so that the Member can get the lowest price on their home and not the maximum they can afford.

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