Qualification Process

For a Member to be NACA Qualified means that they are pre-approved for the NACA Mortgage and ready for the housing search. NACA Qualification means that a Member is ready for homeownership with an affordable mortgage payment. Being NACA Qualified makes one a desirable buyer for agents to work with and sellers to sell to.

NACA requires full documentation.  This includes the following:

  1. Pay Stubs – last 30 days
  2. Tax Returns – last two years
  3. W-2s – last two years
  4. Bank Statements – most recent three months for all accounts
  5. Self-employed – last 12 months bank statements

No.  While it is best for all the Members (i.e. borrowers) and household members to be part of the counseling, it is not a requirement. However, in order to pull the credit report for joint reports, both people must sign the NACA Agreement and provide a valid picture ID.

Starting with NACA qualification after committing to a property by signing a contract is not recommended. There may not be enough time to qualify with NACA, and even if the Member does go through the process in time, the property may not be within the qualified monthly payment. To complete the qualification process therefore may necessitate a delay of closing or even termination of the purchase contract. Every Member that goes through NACA’s program will need time to be counseled and prepared for homeownership with an affordable payment over the long-term.

The length of the process to become qualified is based upon each Member’s situation. Many Members can be NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved for the NACA Mortgage) in about three months. It should not take more than six months unless there are extenuating circumstances such as a foreclosure, bankruptcy or charge-off within the last two years. Also liens that need to be paid-off may take additional time. Once a Member is NACA Qualified, finding a house will determine the amount of time.

Yes. The first step to become NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved) is attendance at a Homebuyer Workshop (“HBW”).

While Members are encouraged to go to a workshop in the community where they want to purchase as they will receive information specific to that area, there are no restrictions on where they can attend. Homebuyers may go to any Homebuyer Workshop provide by any of NACA offices nationwide or complete a self-paced on-line workshop.

The most up to date schedule is available here – enter the desired zip code and maximum travel distance. The search results will provide the list of available workshops, with a link to online registration.

The first step to becoming NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved) is attendance of the Homebuyer Workshop (HBW).

NACA Homebuyer Workshops are mostly held on Saturdays. Depending on the location, there are often workshops on other days. Specific workshop dates can be requested for larger groups by speaking to the Office Director in the local NACA office or Member Services. NACA also offers a self-paced on-line workshop that can be accessed at any time.

The most up to date schedule is available here – enter the desired zip code of purchase maximum travel distance.  The search results will provide the list of available workshops, with a link to online registration.

Members who leave the program for more than 3 years are required to attend a workshop and generate a new NACA ID. To expedite this process, Members can choose to complete a self-paced workshop available on demand at naca.com.

No. The first step in the NACA Qualification process is attendance of the Homebuyer Workshop (HBW).

There are no documents that are required to bring since the purpose of the HBW is to introduce homebuyers to the NACA program and educate them on the process. The only suggested items to bring with would be note-taking items (pen/paper).

Everyone who attends and completes a Homebuyer Workshop will receive a NACA ID and therefore access to the online NACA “Web-File” portal. Attendees should receive their NACA ID number no later than three (3) business days after attendance of the workshop.

An email will be sent – attendees should remember to check their email. The system generated email may be located in the SPAM/junk folder. Upon receiving the email, attendees should click on the link to create their password and receive access to their Web-File. If the Member did not receive their NACA ID and for support please call Member Services at 425-602-6222.

Yes. Those homebuyers who do not meet NACA qualification requirements may still attend the workshop and get started with the process. For example those who already own a property but want to purchase a new home through NACA should still attend the workshop, but will be required to sell the property by the time of closing.

NACA encourages and supports doing HBWs in other locations and at other times.  This can include religious organizations, employers, unions, community entities and others.  NACA will accommodate groups of about 100 people or more (smaller groups will also be considered).  To get started contact the office director in the local NACA office.  If they are not responsive or to resolve any questions or issues please contact NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222 and if they are unable to resolve the issue escalate the request to the National Office in Boston.

The first step to be NACA Qualified is attendance of the Homebuyer Workshop (HBW). Following attendance of a HBW, the NACA qualification process requires a face-to-face intake session in either a local office or remotely (i.e. video counseling) through the NACA counseling center. The intake should take about two hours. Upon completing the Intake session Members will receive an action plan of the additional documents required to provide and other steps the Member must take.

It is unlikely for Members to complete the full qualification process at intake since this includes uploading and reviewing all required documents and completion of a budget. Thus Members should expect to schedule a follow-up in the next thirty days following the intake.

The follow-up session does not need to be in the office and can be with the NACA Counselor through video conferencing. All NACA Counselors have video conferencing capabilities where the Member can view the NACA Counselor’s computer screen and both the Member(s) and the NACA Counselor can see each other. Upon completing the counseling and qualification steps, the NACA Counselor basically underwrites the file and submits it to the Mortgage Department or to the Office Manager to review the work and approve or put conditions that need to be addressed.

Those Members who are prepared and proactively follow-up can be NACA Qualified very quickly. While the average time is about three months it can be much shorter if the Member has his/her required documents, uses their Web-file, and addresses the items on their action plan.

With few exceptions, those who go through the NACA purchase program should have the opportunity to qualify within three to six months. Members should not expect the process to exceed six months in duration.

NACA assumes that Members have been thinking about purchasing a home before participating in the program and have been serious about making payments that they control on-time. Keep in mind the most important payment for applicants is their housing/rental payment. Exceptions include a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure, or late payments that the Member controls within the past six months, or a recent period of unemployment.

To meet this time frame it may require the payoff of some liens, required Payment Shock savings and other actions that demonstrate readiness for homeownership with an affordable mortgage payment. Those Members who believe their NACA Counselor is not working their file in a timely manner should contact the Office Director or Member Services.

Members can start the process at their current location and have a NACA Counselor in another NACA office or remote NACA Counselor work with the Member to become NACA Qualified. There are additional requirements to ensure the relocation is permanent and the Member has stable income.

NACA does remote video conferencing for those Members who are not near a NACA office location or feel comfortable working directly with a remote NACA Counselor. Those Members should call Membership Services at 425-602-6222 to schedule an appointment with a remote NACA Counselor. That NACA Counselor will work with the Member for as long as it takes to become NACA Qualified.

Once NACA qualified, if the remote NACA Counselor is properly licensed for the state of purchase they can work with the Member through closing. Although it may be necessary to assign the Member to a state licensed NACA Counselor to complete the process.

Yes. While NACA business hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. NACA does provide counseling on Saturdays. The sessions are limited so Members are encouraged to make their best effort to attend during the weekdays. To schedule an appointment, members should contact their NACA Counselor, local office or Membership Services.

The first step in the NACA Qualification process is to attend a Homebuyer Workshop (HBW). The Member needs to register to attend a HBW. The most up to date schedule is available here – enter the desired zip code and maximum travel distance. The search results will provide the list of available workshops, with a link to online registration.

The NACA Qualification Workbook the Member received at the HBW, lists the items needed for qualification on page 37 under the section Intake Session & Next Steps in the sub-section labeled “Preparing for the Member’s Intake Session.

The basic documents are the following:
1. Pay Stubs – last 30 days
2. Tax Returns – last two years
3. W-2s – last two years
4. Bank Statements – most recent three months
5. Self-employed – last 12 months bank statements

NACA Qualification is the same as pre-approval for the NACA Mortgage and likely others. Members who are NACA Qualified are now ready for the housing search.

To be NACA Qualified, Members must complete the NACA full documentation qualification process. The first step is to attend a Homebuyer Workshop, followed by the completion of NACA’s counseling program.

Once scheduled, Members receive an appointment confirmation email.  From within the email Members should click on the link to either confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment. Members who need to cancel or reschedule can also call the local office or Member Services at least 48 hours in advance.

Members who no show may find it difficult to reschedule in a timely way. No shows are also a reflection that the Member is not serious about their commitment and may not be ready for homeownership.

When a Member’s NACA Counselor changes, the process continues where the Member left off with their previous NACA Counselor. There is no impact to the Member’s qualification or purchase status.

NACA will reassign the Member to a different NACA Counselor. The local office or Member Services will schedule a follow up appointment with the new NACA Counselor. All of the Member’s information, narratives, etc. are in the NACA-Lynx system for the new NACA Counselor to access.

The first step of the NACA Qualification process is attending the Homebuyer Workshop (“HBW”).  Each of NACA’s offices nationwide has at least two workshops per month.  While there is tremendous demand for the NACA program, there will be availability for a HBW within a six week period.

Yes. Members are encouraged to submit their documents prior to the Intake session. It is very important that Members are prepared as soon as possible.

Members once they receive their NACA ID password can access their Web-file immediately. The Web-file makes clearly outlines the required documents. Members should start uploading and submitting them at their earliest convenience.

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