Member Engagement and Participation

Many people say the NACA program sounds too good to be true. The reason the program is a reality is due to the active participation of NACA’s huge membership. Therefore NACA asks that every Member contribute his or her unique skills in support of NACA and its mission.

NACA has a 30-year history of fighting to make affordable homeownership a reality for working-class people.

NACA’s mission is to fight for economic justice and build strong, healthy neighborhoods in urban and rural areas nationwide through affordable homeownership. NACA focuses primarily on low and moderate income people and communities who, without NACA, are subjected to predatory terms or otherwise unable to access an affordable mortgage.

NACA achieves its goals through action. We look for every opportunity to do what is necessary to bring about economic justice and opportunity for working class people. Whether it is campaigning to bring an end to predatory lending practices or touring the country to offer our best-in-class mortgage product and refinancing solutions, NACA is tireless in the pursuit of getting results for working class people.

Learn more about what we do and how to get involved:

NACA fights against predatory lending institutions, and discriminatory and abusive lending practices
NACA advocates for its communities and member networks, organizing engagement in local ballot initiatives and legislation
NACA requires all household members to be registered voters if legally permissible